Civil Design

Scratch to Structure Package

Scope Of Work
 The scope of work of our firm will include the following:


1. Understanding the Client’s requirements and preparation of design brief.

2. Site evaluation and analysis.

3. Design and site development.

4. Structural design.
a) Seismic Zone check.
b) Soil Survey (to be paid by client)
c) Sub structure design as per load calculations
d) Super structure design as per load calculations
e) Structure design as per future expansions
f) Steel Design & casting design as per recommendation by structure engineer.

5. Design and coordinating for the following services:-

a) Sanitary, plumbing, drainage, water supply and sewerage design.
I. Supply Drawings
II. Sewerage Design
III. Rain water harvesting
IV. Rain Water & slope Draining
V. Internal Fitting Drawings & Design

b) Electrical systems and design.
I. Load calculation
II. Conducting & wiring drawing
III. Exterior lighting design
IV. Interior lighting Design
V. Automation
VI. Cameras or security wiring

c) Heating, ventilation and air conditioning design (HVAC) and other mechanical

d) Elevators and ramps.

e) Fire detection, Fire protection and Security systems etc.

6. Periodic inspection and evaluation of Construction works.

7. Providing documents required for construction loan sanctioning to the bank rep.
a) Planning of new plantation & surroundings