With the use of high-quality luxury materials, customised furniture and unique decor items that represented style and taste of each one that lives including the homeowner made this project for us exclusive and extravagant.

We designed a modern interior design villa residence featuring a living cum dining hall, master bedroom, kitchen, formal lounge area, 3 bedrooms, and a guest room. Now what makes this project even more interesting is that we had to combine two contradicting aesthetics in a singular design but we love tackling challenges. 

The idea was to highlight the underlying tradition of this family with a fine layer of modernity that extends through the exteriors of this residence. Our design team brilliantly managed to join together and give it a rather elegant and modern look. 

Facade Of Residence 
 Living Cum Dining Room 
Master Bedroom 
Parent's Bedroom
Formal Lounge 
Children Room
Guest Room

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