With an aim to create a more flexible and clean living space, we started work on the dream house of Mr Lovepreet. 

“We essentially worked on the dining area, formal living room, master bedroom, guest room and living area and together created a modern design with clean lines, warm woods and bold upholstery hues which completely transformed the way this place looked before.”

We believe that decorating a home is always about finding a design that well serve the function and create a fine balance between warmth and minimalism for a complete fresh and dazzling effect. Every room was done with rugged materials, bold lighting, streamlined furnishings, and colours that added that dramatic, livable and of the moment vibe to it. We would love to share our tips to creating beautiful modern spaces that has its everlasting relevance. 

Dining Area 
Formal Living Room
Master Bedroom
Guest Room 
Living Area

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